Thursday, March 02, 2006

Viewing the Test

We went to the film lab and watched a print of our test - everything looked sweet. The test will really help to us to finalize our visual design and shooting style, but it also brings up some considerations for lighting, art, and make-up. There's still a lot we have to do to make everything look the way we want it too, but we're definitely getting there.

Nelson and I actually panicked at first when we saw the footage - the focus of the projector was slightly off, and we were worried that we had shitty lenses or even worse, a 1st AC who wasn't hitting his focus marks. But once we got the projection corrected, everything was nice. Real nice.

We're only 4 days now from the shoot - our production team is working hard to get everything together in time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is Sam and Vero from SPO. We're looking at your pics and what you wrote and wishing we were there. "hola Arvino bonito"

S & V

10:50 AM  

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