Thursday, January 26, 2006

Taiwanese Nepotism

I went and visited some labs and post houses over the last few days - my producer basically takes me around town and we pay courtesy visits to different vendors, sitting down with the owners and talking about our film (trying to communicate some of my ideas about "Mei" in my white-washed mandarin has been problematic - I hope they find it amusing at least).

Since the Taipei film community is so small and insular, you have to know someone to get anywhere, but there's a general attitude of helping students and first-time filmmakers out. Everything is also so pre-packaged here, so by knowing some people at the processing lab, we've been able to get a fatty deal from Kodak-Taiwan on film stock in addition to developing and printing.

We're sending out casting notices now, and will start seeing people right after the Chinese New Years break. Taipei is pretty much dead for the next week, so I'll be spending my time looking around for locations, and in coffee shops revising the script and figuring how to shoot this thing.


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