Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Panavision of the East

My producer took me to visit a camera/grip/electric place today (cameras and lighting gear are sometimes packaged together here). It was definitely an experience - the rental house was basically just a tiny garage located in a side alley. We got to hang out with the owner, this chain-smoking, Rick Rubin-esque guy with a sweet beard, and talked to him about "Mei" and what we need from him (including gaffers, ACs, grips - all of which come as one package). There was no Panavision gift shop or Latte counter.

I was introduced as "director" to everyone (kind of like "professor" or "doctor"). It was a massive ego stroke of course. I was also introduced as being "from California". I'm sure that made me sound like an asshole.

We also went to check out a sound house run by the guy who works with almost every director in Asia (including Wong Kar Wai) - he was really cool too and willing to help out on "Mei" as much as possible both in production and in post. Sweet.


Anonymous benj said...

Looks great. Love all the deep space and one point perspective.
BB would be proud.

12:58 PM  

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