Thursday, December 08, 2005

Love is Letting Go (There has to be a better tagline)

This is the online production diary for "Mei", my thesis film I will be directing in late February on location in Taipei, Taiwan. I'm trying to find a way to keep everyone updated on the experiences of filmmaking and working back in Taiwan again. It would be great if friends and family could leave comments occasionally as I will be quite alone (with the exception of maybe Benji or Guerrieri..maybe Sam?) while I am living in Taipei for the next six months. I know a blog is a little impersonal, but it's what I got.

*Pre-production for the film has already begun - though I'm still in Los Angeles, I'm already working on budgeting/fundraising, scheduling, and crewing for the film (with the help of stateside producer Veronica Shamo-Garcia). I plan to move out of my 10'x10' cube of an apartment at the end of December, and will be back in Taipei sometime in mid-January to begin casting and location scouting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This movie, this site, and this blog are PIMP!

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